Are You a Candidate for Sublocade®?

Opioid dependence, or opioid use disorder, is a type of addiction. Opioids are drugs that include many prescription painkillers, like morphine, fentanyl, and oxycodone, as well as illegal drugs like heroin.

If you’re struggling with opioid addiction, you might be looking for a way out. The addiction experts at Headrick Medical Center offer comprehensive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services and outpatient detox to help you regain control of your life.

Daniel J. Headrick, MD, and our team are proud to partner with people of all ages in their recovery journeys. We specialize in MAT for opioid addiction, offering the latest proven prescriptions to help you succeed, including Sublocade®

Sublocade is an FDA-approved prescription medication that could help you recover from opioid addiction. When it’s used as part of a comprehensive recovery program, Sublocade helps minimize withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings so you can focus on therapy. 

The benefits of Sublocade

Sublocade contains slow-release buprenorphine, an opioid-blocking medication that changes the way your brain works. As buprenorphine is released in your body, it blocks the pleasurable effects you get from using opioids to help reduce dependence on the substance.


Sublocade treatment could be a good option for you if any of the following apply.

You’re in an addiction recovery program

Medications like Sublocade can be helpful for people who are recovering from addiction, but they’re not a quick-fix solution. 

Medication can reduce your physical symptoms, like cravings and withdrawals, but you need counseling, therapy, and lifestyle modifications to achieve lasting sobriety.

Our MAT programs at Headrick Medical Center offer personalized addiction recovery. If you’re involved in a recovery program and committed to the journey, you could be a candidate for Sublocade to help you focus on changing your behaviors and overcoming addiction.

You’ve been on induction buprenorphine treatment for at least a week

Buprenorphine is a common medication that’s used to help people with opioid use disorder, but there are several different types available. Induction buprenorphine treatment is an important step in your recovery journey, before Dr. Headrick recommends Sublocade.

Induction treatment bridges the gap between active opioid use and recovering with Sublocade. You take a form of buprenorphine that dissolves under your tongue or inside your cheek for at least one week. 

This method helps curb the most intense withdrawal symptoms that occur immediately after you stop misusing drugs.

You want to lower your risk of medication misuse

If you’re dealing with a substance abuse disorder, the thought of using a different drug to treat your addiction can be concerning. Choosing Sublocade treatment could reduce your risk of medication misuse because it’s administered once a month in our office.

You don’t have to remember to take a pill every day, and you don’t have to worry about whether you’re taking the right dose. You simply come into the office once a month and our team administers your injection.

Sublocade releases a controlled amount of buprenorphine into your body over the following month. You won’t experience ups and downs that can occur with other substance abuse medications, and it can help you achieve clarity of mind that makes focusing on counseling easier.

Are you ready to find out what recovery from addiction could look like for you? Schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Headrick and our team. Call us at 949-220-2412 or book online today.

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