Feeling Run-Down? IV Vitamin Therapy Can Give You a Boost

Intravenous (IV) therapy is well-known for its ability to deliver medications quickly during hospital stays or surgery, but this isn’t the only way in which IVs are used. According to the Postgraduate Medical Journal, IV therapy is a convenient way for health care professionals to administer saline, medication, and even nutrition via fluids.  

At Headrick Medical Center in San Juan Capistrano, California, Dr. Daniel J. Headrick and our skilled team are proud to offer IV vitamin therapy so you can get the nutrients you need when you need a boost. If you’re considering IV therapy, keep reading.

What is IV vitamin therapy?

IV vitamin therapy operates much like the IVs you might see in a hospital. When you receive IV therapy, your health care provider will insert a thin tube into a vein via a catheter. Fluids flow from a bag through the tube and into your vein.

At Headrick Medical Group, we offer several different formulations of vitamin fusions, including:

Before selecting the right vitamin infusion, we run blood tests to determine which nutrients would most benefit you.

Benefits of IV vitamin therapy

 When you are feeling run-down, caffeinated drinks may be a quick fix, but if a nutrient deficiency is the source of your low energy, it’s best to target the source. Low vitamin B levels are known for causing fatigue and lack of energy. Unfortunately, it’s possible to have low levels and not even realize it. A study published in Nutrients reveals that so many individuals are low in vitamin B due to two reasons:

How does IV vitamin therapy help with this? The Myers Cocktail is packed with nutrients known for boosting energy levels, including various B vitamins. This fusion also includes magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C. 

IV vitamin therapy can help you in other ways. It can:

When you feel good, you’re less likely to feel tired and worn-down.

Is IV vitamin therapy right for you? 

Don’t accept feeling run-down as the status quo. IV therapy can help promote overall wellness by combating fatigue at the source. We are here to help you feel your best. To learn more about IV therapy and how it can benefit you, request an appointment by calling 949-220-2412  or requesting an appointment using our online booking system.

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