How Vitamins Can Help Reduce Pain

How Vitamins Can Help Reduce Pain

Vitamin therapy is the latest trend in wellness. It involves infusing vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly to your bloodstream, and it offers better absorption and better results than oral vitamin pills.

IV vitamin therapy is a natural method of enhancing wellness. It can boost energy, brain function, and immunity — but did you know it could also help reduce pain?

Daniel J. Headrick, MD, and our medical team supervise vitamin therapy at Headrick Medical Center in San Juan Capistrano, California. If you’re curious about the benefits of vitamin therapy for pain relief, it’s time to learn how it works.

IV vitamin therapy: an alternative to pain medication

Painkillers are drugs designed to prevent and treat pain. They’re available as over-the-counter drugs (like acetaminophen and ibuprofen), as well as stronger prescription medications (like oxycodone and codeine).

Both over-the-counter and prescription painkillers can cause serious side effects. Opioid painkillers in particular are highly addictive, especially when they’re used to manage chronic pain conditions.

When you’re living with chronic pain, you might feel like painkillers are your only option — but IV vitamin therapy could make a difference for your pain without the potential side effects of traditional pain medication.

Vitamin infusions give your body all the nutrients it needs to function at its best and reduce inflammation. In fact, one study found that vitamin C therapy alone can offer pain-relieving benefits and improve quality of life.

IV vitamin therapy could help you feel better if you’re suffering from:

Along with these chronic conditions, vitamin therapy could also help reduce acute pain. Starting vitamins could support healing from muscle, joint, and ligament injuries.

IV vitamin therapy shows promise as an alternative to addictive and dangerous painkillers, but it’s important to find out if it’s right for you before starting infusions. Never stop taking your prescription medications or start a new therapy without consulting your health care team first.

Is IV vitamin therapy right for you?

IV vitamin therapy is a natural option to reduce pain, and Dr. Headrick and our team offer customized vitamin cocktails for our patients. We review your symptoms and your goals, then recommend a combination of vitamins for you.

Vitamin C infusions boost antioxidants in the body and they could help reduce different types of pain. The original Myers Cocktail is consistently popular, and it offers benefits from pain relief to immune enhancement. We also offer targeted infusions for energy, hydration, and recovery.

If you choose IV vitamin therapy, you can expect each infusion to take about 45 minutes in our office. You relax in a comfortable infusion suite and you’re free to nap, watch TV, or do whatever you like while you’re getting your infusion.

Your vitamin infusion plan is up to you. Some people choose on-demand infusions when they’re feeling under the weather. Others choose to make vitamin therapy part of their routine, and they get regular infusions to keep them feeling their best.

Pain can limit your life, but IV vitamins could help keep that pain under control. Contact Headrick Medical Center online or call our office at 949-220-2412 to schedule your first appointment.

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