COVID & Long Haulers Syndrome

Headrick Medical Center

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Since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic Dr. Headrick has treated over 200 patients with active COVID-19 and “long haulers COVID” or “post-COVID syndrome”. We have found many different treatment options for both active infection, COVID-19 prevention, and long haulers side effects from COVID-19.

We have successfully treated many patients with prescription medication, supplement therapy, and NAD IV therapy.

COVID long haulers Q & A

What is Post-COVID Syndrome / Long haulers COVID?

This is when individuals experience lingering health issues after recovering from the acute symptoms of COVID. The individual will test negative for active virus, but somehow still present with an array of symptoms. Here are some of the problems people have reported from Post-COVID syndrome:

  • Continued breathing or lung issues like fatigue, shortness of breath or chronic respiratory infections
  • Continued loss of senses such as smell and taste, or the fact that they are not coming back to full strength
  • Some people suffer from neurological symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and brain fog.
  • Additionally this can cause mental health symptoms due to depression attached to long term illness that can’t be treated.

What evidence is there to support NAD+ helping with long haulers COVID?

The National Institutes on Health (NIH) has been doing clinical trials treating Post-COVID Syndrome with NAD+ and low dose naltrexone. They do not perform these types of trials without substantial evidence to support that it helps these individuals. Outcomes included reduction in fatigue, improvement in quality of life and symptoms.

Please see the link to the clinical trial site here.