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The most effective method of treated substance abuse disorders is to combine medication and counseling to address addiction from multiple angles. At Headrick Medical Center, Daniel J. Headrick, MD, and the team provide customized medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services to help you recover from addiction and lead a healthy, fulfilling life. Call the San Juan Capistrano, California, office, or make an appointment online today for expert, customized addiction treatments.

MAT Services Q & A

Dr. Daniel Headrick is one of the foremost board-certified addictionologist in the county. His long history of pioneering addiction treatment in the orange county makes him go to the doctor for any and all things related to substance abuse. Here at Headrick Medical, we offer the following substance abuse services:

  • Medication management
  • Naltrexone and other oral anti-craving medications
  • Outpatient detox
  • Sublocade injections
  • Vivitrol injections
  • Suboxone or Subutex maintenance
  • Blood testing for HIV and Hep C and other labs
  • Out-patient day treatment right next door 

What are MAT services?

MAT services combine medications such as Suboxone®, Sublocade™, or Vivitrol®, with counseling and other therapies to treat substance abuse disorders. 

The medicine supports your recovery by reducing your physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms, so you can focus on resolving the underlying issues that led to your substance abuse and learning strategies and techniques to adjust your lifestyle and avoid relapse. 

What should I expect from MAT services?

MAT services is a multidisciplinary approach to substance abuse treatment. Your provider at Headrick Medical Center prescribes medication to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms and cravings. 

When you don't have to deal with the painful and disruptive symptoms of addiction, you have the mental space and clarity to focus on counseling and behavioral therapies to address the mental and emotional factors that contribute to your substance abuse disorder.

You have regular appointments with your provider at Headrick Medical Center to talk about your progress. You have routine urine screenings, and your provider can adjust your prescription as necessary to keep you on track. 

You have additional appointments with an addiction counselor, and you may also attend group meetings for extra support and recovery resources. 

What are the benefits of MAT services?

The goal of MAT services is to help you recover and reduce the need for inpatient detox programs. 

MAT is a highly personalized approach to addiction treatment, providing a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to addressing the physical, mental, and emotional factors of substance abuse. Some of the benefits of participating in a MAT program include:

  • Ability to lead a self-directed life
  • Improved survival rates
  • Increased retention of sobriety
  • Enhanced ability to gain and maintain employment
  • Reduced criminal activity

MAT services have a high success rate because of the highly personalized and multidisciplinary approach to substance abuse. 

here are usually several factors that contribute to the development of a substance abuse disorder, and treatment plans that don't address the whole spectrum of addiction leave holes in your recovery, making relapse more likely. 

If you are living with addiction and want to change your life and your health, call Headrick Medical Center, or schedule a consultation online to learn more about MAT services, and if it's the best way for you to address your substance abuse disorder.