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We are very passionate at Headrick Medical Center about giving patients the opportunity to live their best life in optimal health. As many know the gut is the second brain, so many conditions relate back to the food we are putting in our bodies. Your stomach even has serotonin receptors, so eating foods that don’t agree with you can even cause things like anxiety and depression!

Nutrition Consult Q & A

How do we approach your nutrition consult?

It starts with a full History and Physical Examination (H&P) with Dr. Headrick, he will find out where you are at physically and nutritionally with subjective information. We will then get a full comprehensive blood panel that will give us a mountain of information to tune you up to the best version of yourself.

If the information is overwhelming at first, we have the secondary option to follow up with our Certified Nutritionist Kerry Wagner RN, who was also a 30 years ER Nurse. She will help you build a comprehensive plan to follow, she will help plan your diet and supplements, as well as recommended exercises.

We have seen many patients change their life around just by doing one or two appointments in regards to their nutritional health. Although the appointment with the nutritionist is not covered by insurance it is very affordable and we work with everyone the best we can.

To find out more information on nutritional consults please call our office and book your first appointment (insurance accepted).